Summer ☀ 

I’m the one that always had that 9 to 5, benefits,  retirement packages etc etc.  But after being let go from my last job,  my soul yearned for more from this life.  So now I’m a housewife, taking the time to love my kids a little harder (because let’s face it,  they won’t be young forever!), build a stronger connection with husband while supporting him in anyway I can, and taking time for me.  I’ve forgotten ME long ago. This time, is bigger than just being home cooking and cleaning and keeping the kids (yes that includes my husband) all intact. My household is so full of life and I’m learning to sit in the moments of them all with everyone and enjoy ME.  In the meantime tho,  I’m watching the new season of OITNB.

P. S.  – did I mention that I’ll be 30 in a few days…? 😵

P. P. S.  – I love to talk,  so get ready to read.